Arrow Elite Steel Storage Shed, 8x6, Anthracite

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Arrows Elite series 8 ft. x 6 ft. steel shed is our answer to yard storage. Clean up your patio, store garden tools, hide your pool toys, or tuck away your bbq when not in use.

  • Squared wall design
  • Anthracite finish
  • Made from anti-corrosive  Galvalume, an aluminum and zinc plating
  • 72-in wall height
  • High gable roof
  • Rigid, reinforced swing open doors
  • Brushed nickel key lock handle
  • Gable vents for air flow

All hardware is included for assembly.

The Arrow Elite Steel Storage Shed is

  • TALL W/72" WALLS-

Brand: Sojag
Item Number: EG86AN
Type:  Shed
Series: Arrow Elite
Assembled Dimensions: 6’x8’x8’
Material: Steel
Color: Anthracite
Assembly required. Assembly manual included. View the manual.


Foundation Assembled Dimensions: 73.16” D x 72” H x 97.16” W

View the full warranty information here:


The Arrow Elite Shed ships in 3 box.

When ordering, please be sure to include your phone number or email to receive shipping notifications and schedules.

We offer assembly services through Go Configure. If you opt for assembly services, please adhere to the following guidelines from Go Configure:

Please read this carefully. You MUST have some tasks completed prior to the arrival of the assembly service team or you may be charged additional fees.

What you can expect when you order our assembly service:

  • A call within 48 hours to review the purchase and schedule an installation date and time.
  • At the time of the call and upon confirmation that you are ordering the service, we will then charge your credit card the agreed upon assembly fee plus any applicable mileage.**
  • Our professional, courteous team will call 30-60 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.
  • Our team will assemble your unit in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • We will move all packaging and waste from the assembly to the corner for pickup.
  • We will consolidate all of the packaging materials and debris and place them where you would like us to on your property.
  • Our technicians will show you that the unit is assembled properly before they leave your home.
  • Maintenance is important! Please make sure that you ask the technicians any questions or concerns about maintenance that you might have while the technician is on-site.
  • We warrant our assembly services for thirty days.
  • We will have to reschedule if the ground is wet, there is a possibility of rain during the assembly time frame, or if the temperature should be below 40 degrees.

What you must have completed before the assembly team arrives:

  • Level installation area that is level within 1” over a ten-foot area and 2” over a twenty-foot area
  • Ensure a clearance area around unit of at least 6’ in all directions (unit + 6’ in all directions) 
  • Ensure no buried utilities, wires, pipes, etc. will interfere with installation. 
  • Ensure you are not planning to position the unit over top of any sprinkler equipment. 
  • Ensure no overhead obstacles within 6’ of the top of the unit (powerlines, roofs, trees, etc.). 
  • Ensure all other debris is removed from the area prior to the arrival of our installation crew. 
  • Adult customer MUST be at the job site during the entire installation and for the duration of the installation. 
  • If an adult customer representative is not present upon arrival of the team, a $100 re-schedule fee will be charged. 
  • Ensure there is ample space to un-package and assemble the unit. 
  • Please arrange for pets and children to be in a separate area during the entire installation process. 
  • Ensure access to an electric power outlet that is working properly within 200’ of the assembly area. 

Failure to have all steps completed prior to the arrival of the installation team MAY result in delays and additional fees for the installation.

**The Room Outdoors collects and pays the installation fees. Any additional fees incurred at the time of service above and beyond the original service are between the customer and Go Configure.**

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