ShelterLogic 20 x 20 ft White Party Tent & Enclosure Kit

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We offer discounts for Hospital/medical personnel for more than 3 tents. Please contact us for more information.

Portable tents can be used for a variety of medical reasons. Hospitals and medical centers can use them as medical tents for individual patient examination rooms. Also, they can be used as patient waiting areas, check-in centers, staging sites, triage tents, and more. In addition, they can be temporarily anchored and moved without too much difficulty.

Our portable tents our built for durability and strength: They have sturdy, stable galvanized steel frames, and strong, rugged PVC covers. Also, the covers are mold and mildew resistant, which can be great when treating patients with allergies. They also set up easily with tool-free frame assembly. Two maintenance workers can have a portable tent up in a matter of hours.

These waterproof buildings can be fully enclosed, are easy to assemble, and come in configurable size options based on need. They are also easy to maintain, can be easily stored, and are simple to set up when an emergency arises.

Hospitals and medical centers could use temporary buildings as medical tents outside hospitals or other public spaces for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Check-in Areas: Enclosed tents and fabric buildings can be used as check-in areas for emergency room patients before they enter the main medical building. Once an initial screening takes place, medical personnel can determine the next steps for patients.
  • Overflow Waiting Room Space: In case there is a rush of patients, portable tents can be used as overflow waiting room space. These portable tents can also help communities enforce social distancing for patients as they wait, which could assist in keeping the spread of illness down.
  • Triage Staging Areas: These tents and buildings can also be used as staging areas where triage personnel can assemble and wait for necessary information. Also, they can be used to store whatever medical equipment and supplies will be needed at a moment’s notice.
  • Medical Screening Areas: Tents and fabric buildings can be used to quarantine potentially contagious emergency room patients from those without any symptoms. They can also be used as medical tents for patients who don’t show signs, so those with symptoms can be screened inside.
  • Drive-through Testing Areas: Testing facilities can contain the spread of infectious diseases by opening drive-through testing centers. Symptomatic patients with a doctor’s note drive up and stay in their car as they are tested. A fabric canopy can be used to keep medical personnel and testing equipment sheltered as they work.
  • Patient Isolation Areas: Should a mass number of patients with the same infectious disease need to be separated from the rest of the population, fabric buildings can be used as additional short-term patient isolation spaces.

**Please note that these portable tents have not been tested for disease containment.**

ShelterLogic Party Tents 20 x 20 ft. are a decorative and affordable solution for hosting any outdoor event or festival. Host the reception cocktail hour or let the DJ spin the music and get everyone dancing while protected from the weather. The included Enclosure Kit adds complete wall and door panels for the option of full protection. Use one or all six individual clear PVC windows depending on the event needs. Two double zipper doors are also included allowing for ample entry options. Why rent a tent for just one day when you can own a ShelterLogic Party Tent for less than the cost of a rental?

  • 100% GALVANIZED STEEL - 1.5"/38 mm diameter steel tubes for ultimate durability, rust protection, and superior strength
  • Heavy-duty fire-rated PVC fabric (CPAI-84 compliant) stands up to the elements
  • 100% waterproof, UV treated, welded seams
  • Decorative scalloped cover valances, leg valances, and clear PVC windows
  • Fitted cover with closed end design and leg valances
  • The tool-free frame assembly makes set-up quick and easy
  • Frame, leg, and fabric anchoring options create a sturdy and stable unit while keeping wind and rain out
  • Fitted cover with closed end design and leg valances. Use one or all six individual clear PVC windows. Two double zipper doors for ample entry options.

Available in 2 sizes: 10x20 and 20x20


Brand: Sojag
Item Number: 25920
Type:  Canopy
Series: Shelter Logic
Assembled Dimensions: 20’x20’, 10’x20’
Material: Galvanized Steel
Cover Color: White
Frame Color: Grey
Assembly required. Assembly manual included. View the manual.

10x20 Portable Tent
Valance Height: 69.16”
Roof Angle-Upper: 30
Gable Height: 36.27”
Wall Height: 75.63”
Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 234.96” D x 111.89” H x 118.13” W

20x20 Portable Tent
Valance Height: 68.91”
Roof Angle-Upper: 21
Gable Height: 45.67”
Wall Height: 75.38”
Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 234.96” D x 121.04” H x 230.08” W

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The 20x20 portable tent ships in 5 boxes.
The 10x20 portable tent ships in 4 boxes.

When ordering, please be sure to include your phone number or email to receive shipping notifications and schedules.

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